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Skinny Girl Cocktails for Refreshing Flavor - Food for Thought - Gaspee, Governor Francis Farms, Warwick, RI

Skinny Girl cocktails are a passion of mine. It seems to be a major injustice that all cocktails are not created calorie free.
Here you will find four of my summer faves, all "lightened" up on the sugar.

Skinny Girl Mojito - Linda MaintanisMost professionally crafted drinks are loaded with hidden calories, mainly from sugar. The sour mix is a major player in this game, responsible for nearly doubling the calorie count on our favorite summer drinks. I have toyed with sugar substitutes for years using my family for guinea pigs and many, many batches of very sour margaritas later I think I've found the solution. I start with Truvia.

Buy yourself a box of Truvia packets and use one as the base for your next skinny girl drink. I think you'll be very surprised at just how sweet and "saccharin-free" the flavor is.

My first recipe is for the Skinny Girl Mojito. A must have in every recipe file; this recipe is fresh, and not too minty. With it is it's partner in crime, the Skinny Girl Margarita.


Skinny Girl Mojito                                          Skinny Girl Margarita

 1 Packet Truvia                                                1 Packet Truvia
 1/2  Oz. Lime juice                                              1/2 Oz. Lime juice
 1/2 Oz. Lemon juice                                            1/2 Oz. Lemon juice
 3-4 fresh mint leaves, torn                                3 Oz. 1800 Silver Tequila, or similar
 3 Oz. Bacardi Rum                                           1/2 Oz Triple Sec
 3 Oz. Club Soda
                                                                            Shake with lots of ice til frothy and
  Muddle Truvia, lemon, lime and                      then serve as desired. I like a tall glass
  mint in the bottom of a tall tumbler.                 with rocks, no salt.
  Add rum. Pour over rocks in a tall
  glass and fill with soda. Stir and sip.

The next drink on my list is a twist on the classic hurricane. Made with ingredients in every home kitchen, the low-sugar sweetener in this drink is Mott's for Tot's, along with rum, amaretto and more.

Mobay Hurricane - Linda Maintanis - Food for Thought

 Mobay (Montego Bay) Hurricane               

2 Oz. Gosling's Gold (Appleton's or Bacardi Gold) Rum
1 Oz. Amaretto 
1 Oz. Peach Schnappes
1/2 Oz. Lemon juice
2 Oz. Mott's for Tot's Apple Juice

Measure all ingredients into a tall shaker
with ice and shake to mix. Pour into tall glass 
over ice and garnish with fruit.

Lastly, is my recipe for Legal Seafood's Red Sangria, lightened up with sugar-free Sprite. This packs a big punch at parties and can be made ahead in jugs, just wait and add the soda to the pitcher as you serve.

Legal Sangria - Linda Maintanis - Food for ThoughtLegal Red Sangria                            (Pitcher)          

3 Oz. Shiraz                                            3 Cups
1/2 Oz. Stoli Razz Vodka                       1/2 Cup
1/2 Oz. Bacardi Limon Rum                  1/2 Cup
1 Oz. Peach Schnapps                            1 Cup
1/2 Oz. Lemon juice                              1/2 Cup
1/2 Oz. Lime juice                                 1/2 Cup
4 Oz. Sugar-FREE Sprite                       4 Cups

Add ingredients in order of sequence, up to the Sprite.
 For a single cocktail add the Sprite now; for a pitcher
add Sprite just before serving.

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