Sunday, May 1, 2016

Harvest of Fresh Spring Produce Fills Salad Bowls

Finally we are able to enjoy the fresh produce of spring. The early gardens are generous. 
Produce stands are once again laden with the good, green things of which salads are made.

 When we go to the market we can't help but see the bounty of the season. The colorful mosaic created by the many varieties of lettuce has an immediate effect on us. Armies of asparagus stand upright on their turfs of crushed ice. Jumbles of peapods overflow from their bins. Baskets and ropes of the sweetest spring onions beckon at every turn. Each day there is more and more from which to select. And each day we become more and more convinced. The official salad season is here.

The tenderest and freshest of ingredients are truly a breath of spring after the stale,
 heavy flavors of winter. Take full advantage of the bounty of spring and serve these salads
 as often as you can. The season is short; summer really is right around the corner!


                                                          Spring Potato Salad with Walnuts and Green Beans